Xbox Game Studios: Innovation und Content der neuen Studios beeindrucken Greenberg

In einem Interview mit mcvuk zeigt sich Aaron Greenberg positiv überrascht von den vielen neuen Inhalten und Innovationen der neuen Studios. 

Einige Studios, beeindrucken ihn wohl sehr, dabei liegt sein Augenmerkt auf dem Ninja Theory Studio und auf inXile Entertainment

“This was first and foremost about finding the world’s greatest teams, who can bring new types of content to our first-party studios, and allow them to continue to operate independently. If you think about a game like Hellblade, how many big companies would have greenlit a game like that? But it’s brilliant and it addresses a lot of important issues. Those are the types of teams that really inspire us, and it’s a privilege to be able to work with them. For them to become part of our team provides financial security, access to resources and tech capabilities, and still the creative independence to go and do what they want to do. These teams they would never want to partner and work with us if that wasn’t part of the conditions.”

Das vollständige INterview ist auf mcvuk zu finden.

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Weitere News

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