Phil Spencer: Will kein Studio, das für eine Plattform entwickelt

Phil Spencer hat sich auf  der Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference nicht nur zu Electronic Arts geäußert, sondern auch welche Studios und welche Projekte er verfolgt.

Der Xbox Chef würde beim Kauf eines neuen Studios zögern, wenn es nur für eine Plattform entwickelt. Ihm liegt die Wichtigkeit beim Kauf an Aspekten wie Cloud, Community und einigen Punkten mehr.

We think about content as a critical, critical aspect as gamers play games. The community around these games, allowing people to be connected to their players and their friends and their content across all the devices is why we invest in Xbox Live and Mixer, our video streaming platform, and then cloud. So, we think about it as three Cs, content, community and cloud. Cloud is the way we can deliver community and content to a player on any device. Yes, I’d say I’d hesitate to look for a game studio that’s only capable of building on one device because gamers play games on all devices, and I think you’re missing out on an opportunity if you’re not thinking about games that can work everywhere players show up.

Ebenfalls wurde die xCloud stark von Spencer betont. Ihm scheint es besonders wichtig zu sein, das man die Spiele zukunftssicher für die Cloud  macht und so auf jedes Gerät bringen kann. Dies würde schlagartig Millionen von Kunden ermöglichen.

We focus first on Android phones, because there are 1 billion Android phones on the planet and it’s a place with the content that we’ve natively built up over the past decades on our platform, has it been able to reach. But, we look at cloud streaming as a way over the years where we’re able to bring content to customers on any device that they have, regardless of the local compute capabilities. Again, building the experience around the customer, giving the customer choice on where they want to play. And obviously, when you look at that, we have multiple business models that will work with streaming. But, the connection of streaming with the subscription model makes a ton of sense. You see it in music, you see it in video. So, you can look at Project xCloud and you can look at something like Game Pass, and you can see there is a natural synergy between those two.

Er äußerte sich auch zum Xbox Game Pass, hier habe man damit begonnen die Xbox One und den PC näher zu bringen. Er möchte ihn Schlussendlich auf allen Platformen erhältlich und nutzbar machen. So möchte man versuchen den Erfolg des Game Pass skalieren zu können. Für Microsoft ist es daher von entscheidender Bedeutung richtig zu investieren.

We’ve built Game Pass and it started on the Xbox One console. It will come to PC and eventually it will come to every device. We use the flywheel that we have with customers on an Xbox to start the growth in Game Pass. But if somebody is sitting back and taking a longer term view of where our business is going, you should look at that as a business model that we think scales to billions of people, not hundreds of millions of people like retail does. So, for us, growing Game Pass early, we’re seeing the success in Game Pass today. It’s been critically important where the content investment, first party studious investments we’re making now are all about accelerating the flywheel of customers coming in and we’re seeing that work.


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