Halo Infinite: Naughty Dog Texture Artist jetzt bei 343 Industries

In einem Statemant auf Artstation hat der Texture-Artist Rogelio Olgion bekannt gegeben, das er nun bei 343 Industries ist. Er war sechs Jahre lang bei Naughty Dog angestellt und ist schon bereits vor circa. 2 Monaten zu 343 gewechselt.

Nun arbeitet er beim neuen Halo Infinite mit, das bei der E3 2018 von Microsoft vorgestellt wurde.

In seinem Statement äußerte er sich dazu, das er sich sehr freue ein Teil der 343 Crew zu sein und das er Naughty Dog weiterhin liebt.


Seine Freude und sein Lob an beiden Unternehmen hat er im Statement bekanntgegeben wie nachfolgend zu lesen ist:

Been holding this announcement too long!

I am going to part of Microsoft Studios with the 343 crew.  This adventure started almost 2 months ago, and I am thrilled, excited, elated, pumped, overjoyed, and generally a happy camper that this is happening.  Always loved the Halo universe and 343 has something special coming up.  Something so special that 343 managed to rip me from the clutches of a studio I hold near and dear to my heart Naughty Dog!  I have been at ND for almost 6 years now and it has been the longest studio I have ever worked at in my career.  ND has been by far the best studio I have worked in my entire experience as a game dev. The people at ND are a great bunch from top to bottom.  You all know me, I tell it to you all straight.  I am heart broken to leave such a great studio.  The people from all levels have been great to me.  I had a moment of need in the early days at ND in which leads, HR, and close colleagues were very supportive and helped me get through those issues either through advice or time to process it all.

NaughtyDog has about the most passionate, but also human people I know.  It feels like I am leaving a family for sure.  

I know NaughtyDog will do amazing so wishing them luck is like nothing… I do not wish them luck… I just want them to continue to be the top in the industry so I have something to fight for when in other studios; So at 343 we can try to hit that bar!

So what will I be doing at 343… I will be helping of course, like I always do at the places I am a part of. 🙂

I have yet to move.  I am here for a few weeks in LA getting stuff sorted for the big move to Seattle. 

Quelle: Artstation

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